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May 15, 2009
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Vista New Color Folders by 4d-system Vista New Color Folders by 4d-system
I made these icons available free for download so that you can preview what will be coming next.

In fact, for all of this folders there is a full vista icon pack of more than 200 icons that will be released soon.

You can download this folders for free at [link] (click on the link).

Please answer the poll that you find on the right sidebar and let me know which folder you like the most, so my future work will be addressed to develop that particular set first.

Subscribe to RSS Feed or to newsletter to be informed when the folders will be available for download.

Thank you!

Any comment appreciated!
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I'd love to be able to get these,but modding-windows doesn't seem to like me for some reason(all I get is a blank white page).These look fantastic,and look like exactly what I've been looking for.If anyone knows of any lawful impediment why I should not be married to these folders,speak now,or forever hold on to the clues as to how I do get them.Thanx 4d,and if I ever do get them,I'll let u know,exactly,how they fitted in to my themes.Keep up the great work,and I'll be looking oyt for more of your work.

<font><font>Сайт из ссылки не работает, где я могу скачать эти иконки?</font></font>
link is still down :(
Link to uploaded is dead.
Almost all of these icons have a weird line by the spine of the folder I think it's where you split the folder so you could put the other folder inside.
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